How do I replace my Toro trimmer’s battery with a new one?

Before putting in the newer battery pack into the weed eater for the very first time, it’s important that you make sure that it has been fully charged. You may then go ahead and continue to align the bettry pack with the weed eater’s handle. After this, push it back into the right position by sliding it all the way down until it comes to rest by the main handle. When the battery unit has finally snapped into place behind the trimmer’s handlebars and you hear a clicking sound, it has been properly fitted in position. If you need to take out the battery pack in order for it to be charged or you need to change it, press and ten hold down the primary catch that releases it before proceeding to slide simply slide it out. In case you feel the requirement to use a different new battery in its place, go ahead and follow these instructions which have been mentioned in order to insert the battery. Then you may slide it back down into place until once again you head the audible click as it snaps into position behind the handle. Do not touch the battery until you have given it enough time to properly cool down. Also, never handle batteries with wet hands.