Battery of my Toro trimmer not charging

Hello everyone,

My 14’’ Toro electric trimmer’s battery is not charging despite me leaving it plugged into the outlet for several hours. The device is just under two months old and was working perfectly before this. Any idea what the cause could be?


Hello Jon,

Check that the wall mounting is in good condition as any damage to this can also inhibit your battery from charging. If the mounting unit is fine, check the outlet for proper electrical power supply as well because this could be preventing power from reaching the battery. Corrosion to the terminals can also prevent the battery from charging.


Trimming power is not enough on my 40V weed eater

Hi Folks,

My 40V Toro weed eater doesn’t seem capable of generating the required amount of cutting power to deal with the weeds in my garden, despite me ensuring the batteries are fully charges. Has anyone had this problem with their device?


Hello Mark,

Firstly I suggest you check the length of your line – if the line is exceeding the trimming blade of your device then it’s highly likely that your excessive line is causing the problem. If this isn’t the issue, check whether the spool has worn out and is unable to supple line properly and replace it with a new spool if this is the case.

40V Powerplex max shuts down while trimming

Hello Guys,

I’ve had my 40V Toro trimmer for over a year now and the device has started to just shut off without any warning while I’m using it. I’ve never had this or any other problem with it before and recently replaced the batteries so I don’t know what could be causing it. Does anyone have an idea with it could be?


Hello Greg,

Most of the time people mention the trimmer shutting off without any warning it’s highly likely that the issue is being caused by a faulty battery but since you replaced yours, it could also be a faulty latch that’s interrupting the terminal’s contact with the ends. If the latch is not the problem, I would suggest you check that the voltage is appropriate for your model.

Toro weed eater battery life keeps reducing

Hi there,

I’ve had my string trimmer for about two years and have noticed a big decrease in the battery life in the last month. Have any of you faced a similar problem with the battery pack?


Hey Lobo,

Yes there was one night when I left my weed eater the whole night to and the battery got spoiled. Overcharging the battery pack can cause the battery’s voltage to decrease over time. This will shortens even its life if repeated. So my suggestion would be that you only charge the battery until the indicator indicates that the level is full.

Trimmer gets very hot while operating

Hi Folks,

I purchased my Toro string trimmer maybe something like a year ago and never had any issues with it, but now the device began to overheat while trimming my yard the other day. Can anyone help me fix this?


Hello Rob,

You mention that the device is about one year old, I recommend that you check the air inlet vents as several months of use can cause small debris and clippings to get stuck in the hole, restricting air flow and causing the extra heat. Clean out the vents with a damp cloth.

Weed eater losing efficiency in between while cutting

Hi folks,

My 20V cordless Toro trimmer was working perfectly since I bought it a month ago but now it seems to lose power whenever I try and make it cut a harder patch, even at the high speed setting. I recently replaced the cutting line too. What could be the cause?


Hey Joe,

You say that you’ve been using the trimmer for just over a month and that you changed the line recently, so it could be possible that you may have overshot the right length – this is a common mistake first time users make so I recommend checking the line length

Too much vibration from my 8 inch Toro trimmer

Hey there,

I’ve had my Toro trimmer for just under 6 months now and the device has started vibrating a lot more than normal, has anyone else experienced this problem?


Hi Max,

Excessive vibrations can happen if the cutting line is longer than it’s supposed to be, and also if the unit has accumulated a lot of debris so I suggest you check if either of these if causing your problem.

My PowerPlex 40V Max 13’’ refuses to turn on

Hello everybody,

My Toro 40V max string trimmer has been with me for over two whole years now, but I’m not able to turn it on. Any idea what the issue could be? The trimmer has always maintained properly with the battery also charged well.


Hi Nick,

I had this problem last week. You say that the battery is always properly charged, so I have a feeling it could be that the latching mechanism behind your handle is not holding the battery’s terminals in place properly. Try checking the latch and let us know if it doesn’t work.