Toro Weed Eater Guide


When it comes to selecting a robust weed eater for your everyday use, it’s crucial that you select a unit based on the best, most comprehensive information you can fine – it was with this objective in mind that the Toro Weed eaters Guide was created. In this website, you’ll find that we’ve assembled the widest range of information available on Toro’s trimmer products, with a number of sections that include troubleshooting, FAQs, a how to guide and even helpful YouTube videos that will allow you to carry out all the research you need to in order to make an informed buying decision.

For a bit of background on Toro, the company is widely regarded as one of the leading organizations when it comes to power tools, both indoor and outdoor. With a large catalog of products being manufactured by the company, they have garnered global acclaim and trust from international customers to firmly embed themselves as one of the leaders in the market. All products also com with a minimum three year’s warranty to make the purchase less stressful.

Toro’s range of available weed eaters

Based on your requirements and other intervening factors such as lawn area and hedge height, Toro offer a wide range of products to meet your everyday trimming needs. It is recommended that you go through all the available options before deciding on the right model for your needs. Different spool thickness options allow you to choose the ideal trimmer which can help optimize your experience based on the toughness of the shrubbery in your area.

Some of Toro’s best selling options are listen below, with the features that make them so popular.

  1. Powerplex 40 MAX 13’’: With an adjustable shaft that can be set as per the operator’s convenience as well as a thick single-feed line, the 40 MAX comes with a 13 inch spool that can cut with ease through everyday lawn and garden weeds. The T90 battery also offers as much as 40 minutes of run time and charges up completely in about 1 hour.
  2. Powerplex 40 MAX 14’’: The 14 inch variant of the Powerplex comes with a plethora of features including the ones offered on the 13 inch model, such as customizable running speed options and interchangeable battery packs for longer range. The weed eaters are built for tackling rougher terrain ranging from weeds, ungainly growths and tough vegetation.
  3. Curved shaft Gas Trimmer 17’’: Featuring a unique curved shaft that offers even greater maneuverability, this variant of Toro’s offerings are best suited to trim in places that would be beyond the general reach of regular straight shaft trimmers. Other available models in this configuration also include an 18’’ variant.

Commonly Reported Issues

While Toro do take great care to build products of the highest quality, it’s apt to remember that these are outdoor power tools meant to be subjected to environmental conditions on a regular basis. This constant exposure to the sun, dust and humidity can cause minor operational issues over time – however, most of these can be fixed right from your own garage. Here are some of the most common problems that have been reported.

  1. Hard to start the string trimmer: there are a few most common problems that make starting the trimmer difficult, including a weak battery, stale fuel and lack of lubrication – all of which can be fixed at home.
  2. Not getting a proper cut: it’s important to constantly check the length of spool remaining in your trimmer, and outside the eyelet. If the amount of spool is too long, performance of the trimmer suffers.
  3. New line not passing into the trimmer: ensure that your trimmer head has not been weathered by constant use – if it has, it may be time to change the head as the eyelet may have come out of position with time.


With customers spanning every major continent and tens of thousands of units sold, Toro have firmly embedded themselves as a household name – the company are on the ascendency with no signs of slowing down, and their customer service as well as product durability have made them one of the favorites in the market at present. If you have any queries that you need answered, feel free to post them on the FAQ section or contact us directly