How do I clean out my weed eater’s air slots?

Over the course of time and due to the grueling nature of most outdoor activities and conditions, the trimmer is almost certain to run into occasional mishaps from time to time. Clogging up of these inlet holes with dust, dirt, micro clipping and other particulate matter is a common issue and can be fixed by regular cleaning of the unit. Running the trimmer regularly without a cleared out trimmer can cause the unit to overheat. Tap both of the sides of the main crank case and bolted head of the weed eater onto a softer surface. This will ensure that the clogging contents fall out, and they must be wiped out before any larger particles get in the way and further clamp them into the unit. This can make it even harder to clean the weed eater’s air vents and might require that you take it to a service station.