How do I change the older spool housing on my Toro weed eater?

Once the unit has been placed on a flat surface and you have disconnected the throttle, begin to slowly twist the housing case in which the spool in fixed so that the marked hole within the spindle lines begins to align itself up perfectly with the same notched marked by an indication, located on the inside of the trimmer’s guard. The unit’s primary housing hole will slowly become visible when this happens, and this third hole will gradually begin to align with the two holes on the outside of the weed eater. You may now proceed to insert a heavy duty screw driver or something similar such as a hard rod through all of the three primary holes as a plug stop to help prevent the housing of the unit from rotating any further. Once this has been done, you should go ahead and rotate the primary spool in the indicated clockwise direction – keep doing so until it slips completely off. Now that the housing pieces have been removed form the unit, you can remove the slip disk and lubricate the rod slightly. After you have finished removing the older housing of the spool unit, proceed to re-insert the main screwdriver once again back into the marked three holes. Now start carefully threading the new spool inside in the opposite direction, which is the counter-clockwise direction – this will securely fasten it back to the main protruding structure.