How do I change the cutting line on my Toro trimmer?

Before you begin, ensure that the trimmer has been turned off and that the throttle has been disengaged to minimise any risk. It is also recommended that you remove the spark plug and lay down the unit on a flat surface. Gradually unspool the remaining line from the unit. Now check your manual to learn the specifications of your trimmer, and cut out the required amount of line – this length could vary across several inches. If the fastening springs falls out of the trimmer’s housing when you’re removing the older line ensure that you put it back in place before continuing. Feed the new line through the eyelet and into the spool until it protrudes through the second eyelet. When wrapping line across the spool, ensure that you always wrap in a counterclockwise direction as specified in the main manual. Once the line has completely been fed through, check to ensure that any remaining line has been cut off. Also check that there is no tangling within the housing as this can cause significant wear to the line as well as the machine when it is in use. Once the line has been completely inserted into the unit, pull up the locking tabs to secure it in place. Remember to gradually feed line in order to ensure that the usage of nylon does not exceed the maximum rotational speed of the motor.